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The stress of life can be overwhelming, but if your emotions are getting out of control, consult a mental health counselor at Associates in Counseling and Mediation. These professionals offer anger management services in the Davie, Florida area. The anger management services offered by Gary J. Santucci can be tailored to suit the individual patient’s needs, whether for court or employment purposes.

Anger Management FAQs

What does an anger management counselor do?

Anger management counselors teach the patient skills they need to change the way they think and behave. As a result, patients are able to manage their emotions and interact with others in healthier ways.

How often is anger management counseling required?

In most cases, anger management is recommended once per week initially and then spaced further out as counseling progresses. Some patients need just a few sessions while other patients may require several months of anger management counseling?

Who is a good fit for anger management counseling?

Anybody who believes their anger has negatively impact their life or the lives of those around them, including their relationships at work and at home. While anger management is often mandated by an employer or a court, many patients seek anger management before their anger results in consequences serious enough to warrant mandated treatment. The sooner patients seek treatment, the greater control they have over the potential impact their anger may have on their life.

Is there a difference between counseling and classes?

Yes, anger management classes are taught in a group setting while anger management counseling is one-on-one. Furthermore, classes are taught in a one-way exchange; the teacher provides information to the students. During counseling, information is exchanged two ways; the patient shares with the counselor and the counselor shares with the patient.

Does anger always require medical intervention?

Everybody becomes angry sometimes, but healthy people are able to control the way they respond when angry. Patients who feel out of control of their anger or who have hurt themselves or others — either physically or otherwise  — should always seek help. Anger can result in health problems in addition to social and legal problems.

What are the signs and symptoms of an anger management problem?

Patients may need anger management counseling if:

  • They have a physical reaction to anger including racing heart, sweating, feeling dizzy or out of breath
  • They feel guilt, shame, or other psychological signs after becoming angry
  • Their anger has caused problems in relationships at work or home
  • Their anger lasts longer than they believe it should
  • Their anger occurs commonly or frequently
  • They feel out of control of their anger when it arises

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