Attention Deficit Disorder

If Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is not properly diagnosed and treated, it can have devastating effects on the lives and relationships of children, adults, and entire families. Gary J. Santucci of Associates in Counseling and Mediation can provide patients and their families with therapy, coaching, and medication referrals. Call Associates in Counseling and Mediation in State of Florida, for the help you need.

Attention Deficit Disorder FAQs

What is a counselor’s role in the management of ADD?

A certified mental health counselor can help patients and their families cope with and manage ADD in the most effective and independent way possible. This includes:

  • Learning to recognize thoughts and behaviors that may result in consequences
  • Tools and techniques for redirection and focus
  • How parents should respond to distraction, inability to follow through, and other behaviors to ensure the most positive outcome

Certified mental health counselors can also refer patients for medication if needed.

How can undiagnosed ADD interfere with the patient’s life?

Undiagnosed ADD can negatively impact the patient’s ability to learn, retain information, follow through with requests, and social interactions. The impulsivity often associated with ADD can cause poor decisions making resulting in negative consequences. However, patients whose ADD is well-managed have a healthier decision-making process and can lead a happy and successful life.

Who is present during counseling?

Every family has their own unique story and comes to therapy with their own individual needs. Counseling is customized to ensure the best outcome for every patient. Often times, this means separate counseling for the patient and his or her family, while other times everyone receives counseling together. In some cases, only the patient requires counseling. The Certified Mental Health counselors at Associates in Counseling & Mediation can assist families in determining the best structure for their treatment.

Is a doctor’s care required?

Patients with Attention Deficit Disorder should be under under the care of a physician and Certified Mental Health counselor. There are two primary reasons a doctor is an important part of the care team:

  1. ADD and medications used to treat ADD can affect other body systems and functions, which require monitoring from a qualified physician.
  2. Medication can be necessary to adequately treat and manage ADD and a doctor is required to prescribe medications and monitor their ongoing use.

What is the goal of treatment?

The goal of treatment is to provide the patient and their families with the tools and resources they need to be both happy and successful in their lives.

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