Elder Mediation Specialist

Families can have conflict over issues such as caregiving, medical decisions, and estate concerns as loved one’s age. At Associates in Counseling and Mediation in Davie, Florida, Mr. Gary J. Santucci is able to assist families in resolving complex issues relating to the living arrangements, the care of, and the estate of a loved one who is aging, while maintaining the dignity, health, and safety of the person of interest.

Elder Mediation FAQs

When can a mediator help?

A mediator can help when family members are unable to agree on issues as they relate to the care of an aging loved one. This may include:

  • Whether they live at home, with a family member, or in a facility
  • What kind of medical decisions are being made by their power of attorney
  • How their money is spent or how financial decisions are being made
  • How their estate is handled

What does the mediation process look like?

Mediation can be conducted in two ways; the mediator and all involved parties can meet, in the same place at the same time, or the mediator can communicate with each party separately. Here is the process:

  1. The team meets to identify specific issues and each party shares their ideas and goals.
  2. The mediator leads the group in brainstorming solutions that may benefit everybody, encouraging a flexibility on each party’s behalf.
  3. The group comes to a consensus and an agreement is drafted. The group commits to abide by the agreement.

How do mediators ensure the elder’s interests are protected?

The grief and emotional aspect of caring or making decisions for an aging loved one can become overwhelming and distracting, causing family division and turmoil. Elder mediators are trained and experienced in this type of mediation. In all cases, their primary focus is the dignity and care of the aging family member. Mediators can help family members bring their focus back to the most important topic, the health and safety of their loved one.

How do mediators handle parties who are unwilling to consider other viewpoints?

In many cases, communication and perspective is improved in the mediation setting. All parties want the opportunity to speak and be heard and may naturally participate at the highest level in order to do so. When that is not the case, mediators are trained to de-escalate conversation, present new perspectives, and facilitate communication that is positive and solution oriented.

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